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The complex houses "OLTRE MARE" is located just below the walls of the Venetian castle Querini that reigns in «Country» of Astypalea.
It is undoubtedly in the most beautiful panoramic position of the island.It consists of 4 separate houses and independent which share many common areas.
However, in case of different needs, with a simple intervention can unite to communicate internally.

The 4 houses are developed vertically (storey) and the symmetrical sharing bedrooms from the living room and enjoy all the same proportion in the panoramic position. The construction of the architectural, overcoming the difficulties we faced, is of high quality and is  admired by anyone who wanders around the Castle.

The structure is consisted of reinforced, anti-earthquake cement ,always in respect to the traditional architectural lines of the island.
The internal infrastructure was held with great attention to detail. Doors and windows are painted in traditional blue colour. The blue roofs are decorated by wooden sleepers and the internal stairs are made by oak which are very elegant.
The wooden balconies are based on concrete sleepers enhancing their strength. Each house has air-condition which during winter it can be used for heating.

Access to the complex

The houses-maisonettes "OLTRE MARE" can be reached by the pedestrian street at the top side that separates the Castle or the municipal road that borders on the bottom of housing (great privilege because most houses of the Castle are inaccessible).
The large common spaces of the complex are covered by Italian tiles